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Officer Flint McPeak

Patrol Officer Flint McPeak on traffic patrol. The Patrol Division of the Mulvane Police Department is the most identifiable part of the MPD. These dedicated men and women patrol the streets of Mulvane 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and respond to all types of emergency calls. From traffic accidents to gathering evidence at a scene, the uniformed division of the Department is the front line unit in the fight against crime.

Our Mission here Mulvane Police Department
The Mulvane Police Department will do everything within it's power to provide protection, arrest law-breakers, and to be of service to all citizens within the community in a professional and ethical manner.

This is the basic mission of every member of the Department, and it can be realized by:

  • Effective use of Resources

  • Utilization of Creative innovation

  • Acquisition of Enhanced Public Safety Technology

  • Acquisition of Community Involvement and Support


is the philosophy of the Mulvane Police Department. All members of the Department will constantly strive to let the virtues represented by this concept guide their actions and decisions.


Department Goals
Community Safety: Ensure the physical well-being, security of personal property, and sense of safety among citizens, business, government, employees and visitors.

Creating Partnerships: Develop partnerships with youth, volunteers, and neighborhoods to enhance the quality of life in Mulvane and create collaborative relationships with corporate, private and public entities.

Customer Service: Provide exceptional customer service through interactive management with both internal and external customers.

Utilize Technology: Utilize technology to engage in enforcement activities and projects that will help reduce the current crime trends in Mulvane.


Mulvane, Kansas

Mulvane Kansas (USA) is located on the county line between Sumner, [SU] and Sedgwick, [SG] counties, five miles west of the corner of Sumner, Sedgwick, Butler, Cowley Counties.

The city was founded in 1879 as a railroad/agricultural community and was incorporated as a city of the third class in 1883 and changed to a city of the second class on December 20, 2001. For more information visit the City of Mulvane website at
www.mulvanekansas.com .

The local government follows the form of Mayor/Council and serves a population of 5,500 people. Mulvane is a progressive city, with officials and community members alike, donating their time for the betterment of the community.


Mulvane Police Department - 211 North Second Street - Mulvane, Kansas 67110 (316) 777- 4262