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Message from the Chief
The men and women of the Mulvane Police Department are proud and honored to serve the citizens of Mulvane, Kansas. We serve a city of 5,500 hard working Kansans who take pride in their community and the quality of life they have chosen. The high level of volunteerism and support for its law enforcement is evident daily.


This department is constantly striving to deliver professional service to the city we serve. Monthly surveys allow our citizens to tell us how well we are doing our jobs. Over the past nine years we have received a 97.9% approval rating from those who come into contact with the Department.


We provide our officers with up to date equipment and training to be effective in performing their duties. They enjoy a 4-day workweek with competitive salaries for the area. We also provide a local enhanced 911 system complete with Computer Assisted Dispatch with an integrated Records Management System. All three systems were installed in 2004.


A very strong commitment to the youth of this community is evident with D.A.R.E. being instructed every year and a School Resource Officer serves the local school district fulltime when school is in session. A K9 unit patrols the city with the animal being certified in the detection of several narcotics and controlled substances.


Mulvane, Kansas is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. We enjoy a low crime rate and close proximity to first class shopping and restaurants in the Wichita area. Our Department is here to serve you and we welcome your input.


Dave Williams

Chief of Police